Why am I still being billed after canceling?

  • Updated

Leafly has a cancellation policy that involves charging for the service from the date you request to cancel until the final day of the subsequent billing period. You can find more information on the policy in our terms and agreements: 🔗 LEAFLY MASTER SERVICES AGREEMENT(see section 9).


  • For termed signed agreements: When you signed the agreement, you agreed to pay the Service Fees for the entire term of the agreement, even if you cancel the services before the term ends. This means that you are still responsible for paying us for the services rendered, even after you have canceled the services. You are bound to pay for the remaining months of service left under the agreement, regardless of whether you continue to use the services or not.


  • For Evergreen signed agreements: For agreements that are Evergreen, it's important to note that the obligation to pay for the service fees will continue even after the agreement has expired or been terminated. This means that if you cancel the services, you are still responsible for paying the fees that are owed for the services that were provided to you.


For any questions or concerns, please contact our support team at help@leafly.com with your Account Name/Store ID for additional assistance.