How can I start a cannabis business?

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Many issues can stand in the way for those looking to start a cannabis-related business. Below you will find some information that can help guide you in the right direction in planning and registering a cannabis business:

  • Each state has a different application process and fees, here is an example from Colorado 
  • Some cannabis entrepreneurs wish they would have known about some issues in advance, here are some of those issues and best practices so that you don't have to find out for yourself
  • Some parts of the industry have more requirements and logistics to establish, like setting up an edibles company
  • In addition, there is always the sticky subject of marketing your cannabis business in a way that meets your state's requirements (this is a six-part series)

You can also check out our series with Good Tree Capital starting here: 10 questions to ask before starting a cannabis business

While there are many other issues and hurdles to setting up a cannabis business, we hope that this will get you started.