The short version: Leafly Pickup lets customers browse your Leafly menu, add what they want to their bag, and then submit a pickup request. Then, when their pickup is ready, they'll skip the line and pick up (and pay for) their items in store. 

The longer version: You can choose which items to make available for pickup. Customers can easily toggle between your full menu and your "Available for pickup" menu, but they'll only be able to add Pickup-ready items to their bag.  

Once the customer submits a new request, you'll see it on you Pickup Dashboard in Leafly Biz. The Leafly Pickup dashboard allows you to monitor all of your pickup requests. You'll need to acknowledge when a request is received, and then indicate when it's is ready for pickup. 

At each step, the customer will get an automated text that lets them know the status change of their pickup. If you're out of an item, you can text the customer directly from your dashboard.

When a pickup is ready, the customer can go to your designated Pickup register and pay like they normally would.