Pickup requests will remain "Ready for Pickup" indefinitely. 

If you haven't heard from a customer in a while, we encourage you to use the texting feature in your Pickup Dashboard to check in. Never cancel a Pickup without communicating the reason to the customer.

Because every dispensary has different inventory needs, the amount of time you choose to wait before you mark a pickup as "abandoned" is up to you, but we recommend giving the customer at least 24 hours to retrieve their pickup. 

If there are active or ready Pickups in the queue and the store is closing soon, do not cancel the Pickups. Instead, notify the customer of the store’s closing time. If a Pickup is still “Ready for Pickup” and the storefront has closed, after verifying the customer did not visit the store, the storefront must change the status of the Pickup to “Canceled - Abandoned Pickup.”

EXAMPLE RESPONSE: “(Dispensary name) closes tonight at (closing time). If you are unable to arrive before closing time, we will restock your Pickup items and you can head back to Leafly to try again during our normal business hours.”