Ingested Forms

  • Capsulesorally administered oil, often referred to as canna caps

  • Distillateactivated cannabis oil that can be used in food or ingested orally

  • Ediblessweet or savory foods infused with cannabis flower or concentrates

  • RSO (Rick Simpson Oil)highly-concentrated cannabis oil extracted from female cannabis plants with 20% or more THC content

  • Tinctureconcentrated extract of any herb in a liquid form - typically alcohol or glycerin based

  • Sublinguals: sprays and fast dissolving strips that absorb through salivary glands in the mouth and enter the bloodstream rapidly

Inhaled Forms

  • Bud/Flowerplant matter harvested and used both medically and recreationally in a variety of smoking devices

  • Hydrocarbon Extraction (commonly referred to as BHO)thick, sticky concentrate popularly consumed for dabbing and other vaporization methods

    • Budder/Cake Batter: extract that takes on a creamy, buttery consistency 

    • Shatter: extract that takes on a transparent glass-like consistency

    • Wax: extract that takes on a soft, waxy consistency, also known as honeycomb or crumble

    • Live Resinextract that is immediately frozen after harvest, preserving all the cannabinoids and terpenes present

  • CO2 Oilsolvent-less supercritical fluid extract used in vaporizers, edibles, topicals, and other infused products

  • Dry Sift Hashform of hash that is very similar to kief, with a more refined process for manufacturing

  • Hash/Hashishcollection of resinous glands compressed into balls, cakes, or slabs

  • Kiefunpressed resinous glands collected from dry flower with use of a screen

  • Rosinsolvent-less extract that uses heat and pressure to concentrate essential cannabis compounds

External Forms

  • RSO (Rick Simpson Oil)highly-concentrated cannabis oil extracted from female cannabis plants (generally indica) with 20% or more THC content

  • Topicals: variety of cannabis infused lotions, sprays, gels, oils, etc. absorbed through the skin for localized relief

  • Transdermal Patchespatch adhered to a veinous area of the body which affects the bloodstream directly for a slow time release