Cannabis-derived CBD is generally what most people in medical and adult-use locations are consuming. Cannabis-derived CBD can only be sold within licensed dispensaries that meet all the compliance regulations for that state. This could include specific testing requirements, child-proof packaging, seed to sale tracking, etc. Please note, these requirements will vary based on your location. 

Hemp-derived CBD is an option available to those that cannot access state licensed cannabis-derived CBD products. These products can be marketed nationwide as long as they contain less than 0.03% THC for anyone that is 18+. More commonly referred to as 'industrial hemp', it can also be used in a variety of other industries and products ranging from clothing to construction materials.

In addition to cannabis-derived CBD offering a variety of benefits on its own, specifically with conditions like anxiety and inflammatory conditions, they also allow for full-spectrum or 'entourage' effects which have been found to enhance the overall medical benefits due to the interactive effects of the other cannabinoids present in cannabis.