Our goal is to help people find the cannabis strains and dispensaries that best match their particular needs. We here at Leafly are not medical professionals and our content and information should not be considered medical advice, simply suggestions that might help. Currently, the medical conditions are based solely off user input. When someone submits a review for a strain they are asked to 'add details' after saving, among this is a selection of medical conditions that users can choose from to show they were beneficial to their ailments in some capacity. You can explore Strain pages by doing the following:

  • Open up Leafly.com 

  • Select Strains in the top navigation bar


  • Click the Menu icon in the upper left corner

    • Select Strains

  • Explore Popular Strains, Strains from A-Z, Newest Strains, etc.

    • Other filters include: Category. Flavors, Effects, Symptoms, and Conditions

See our FAQ article on how to use strain filters to locate the strains best suited for your individual needs.