In an effort to educate our users about the variety of terms heard within the cannabis industry we've created a glossary organized by category with potential accompanying articles by Leafly, or other cannabis industry resources. 

Industry Slang

420 - A term that originated within a high school group of friends in the 70’s and spread in popularity through the Grateful Dead, in modern times it’s the day recognized as a de facto holiday/time of day for anyone that consumes cannabis.

710 - Less familiar than the iconic 420, this number and holiday is associated specifically as “oil day” or “dab day” due to the similarity the numbers have to the word ‘oil’ when flipped upside-down

Bongwater - A term coined to describe the dark, strong smell of the liquid, typically water that gets used in water pipes to cool and filter the smoke of combusted plant matter.

Budtender - A person within the cannabis industry that serves and assists patients and consumers with their cannabis product selections.

Cheeba - A popular ‘slang’ term for cannabis that comes from a variation of the Spanish word ‘chiva’, or heroin. The name was originally used in reference to a Brazilian landrace cannabis strain that bore striking visual resemblance to heroin with it’s dark, sticky appearance.

Cotton-mouth - Refers to the effect of extreme dry mouth and lips caused by the active compounds in cannabis affecting the receptors that control the production of saliva that many consumers experience when smoking cannabis.


Dabbing - Refers to the method of consumption used when inhaling highly concentrated cannabis that has been extracted using a solvent like butane or CO2. 

Dank - A common slang term used to describe high quality, potent cannabis products.

Diesel - A term commonly used to describe cannabis that possesses an odor similar to diesel fuel.

Earwax - A slang term used to describe to describe wax concentrates that refers to the consistency achieved through a whipping method (See Science & Technology: hand whipping and washing machine/extractor)

Endo/Indo - A commonly used slang term used to describe quality cannabis and/or cannabis that has been cultivated indoors, typically using hydroponics.

Errl - The slang term that developed from the word oil which refers to any type of dabbable oil as well as the action of dabbing in general. Also used to describe an event that occurs in AZ to celebrate clean cannabis known as the ‘Errl Cup’.

Fatty - The slang term used to describe a joint, blunt or pre-roll that contains a large amount of cannabis.

Ganja - The common slang term used to describe cannabis flower which originated from Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit languages. In India it’s also historically used to describe consuming cannabis in a communal event.

Kind - The slang term used to describe cannabis that is very potent and typically contains a high THC percentage.

Marijuana - The broad term used to describe female cannabis plants and/or their flowers which contain high percentages of cannabinoids used for both medical and recreational purposes.

Mota - The Spanish form of the word marijuana typically used in Spanish-speaking countries instead of saying bud or weed etc.

Nug-run - Used to describe high quality concentrates that have been made using only cannabis flower or colas instead of trim material. (See Methods of Consumption or Use: flower and Growing & Plant Morphology: cola)

OG - A term used to describe many strains, although it originated in Southern California’s Ocean Grown Kush, more commonly known as OG Kush. Most OG strains currently available share genetics to or are also ocean grown on the West Coast.

Pinner - A slang term used to describe an extremely tightly rolled cannabis joint that contains a small amount of cannabis and typically has the thickness of a toothpick or pin, hence the name.

Pot  - A slang term used to describe cannabis.

Pull ’n Snap - A term commonly used to describe the pliable and stretchy consistency of shatter. (See also Methods of Consumption or Use: shatter/ice)

Resin - Whereas the resin glands refers to the trichomes themselves the term resin can also refer to the black, sticky tar-like residue that collects on the inside of a bowl after smoking flower repeatedly from the piece. This substance should be scraped to prevent clogs, but is less desirable to consume due to its low overall potency and impurities.

Reclaim - A term used to describe the the oily substance that coats the interior surfaces as well as often collecting within the water of a dab rig. This substance should be cleaned in order to prevent too much build-up. Reclaim can be collected and consumed but is known to be less potent than actual concentrate product.

Schwag - A popular slang term used to describe low-quality, commonly cheap cannabis that is typically brown, dry and has little to no aroma. More than often also contains an excessive amount of seeds and stems.

Skunk - A term that can refer to both the well-known cannabis strain with a distinctive pungent aroma which originated in the 70’s, parent to a large number of skunk crosses like Super Skunk, Island Sweet Skunk and Lavender to name a few or as a generalized slang term for cannabis overall.

Seasoning - When used in terms of the cannabis industry it refers to the process of conditioning a nail or quartz banger to improve the flavor of dabbable concentrate.

Slab - A slang term used to describe a large quantity of hash oil.

Trim-Run - Used to describe lower quality and therefore typically less-expensive concentrates that have been made using cannabis trimmings as the primary material for extraction. 

Weed - A common frequently used slang for cannabis overall but often specifically in reference to flower.

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