In an effort to educate our users about the variety of terms heard within the cannabis industry we've created a glossary organized by category with potential accompanying articles by Leafly, or other cannabis industry resources. 

Tools of the Trade

Bong - A large water pipe, usually made of glass but can also be ceramic or plastic, that uses water to diffuse and cool the smoke as you breathe it into your lungs.

Bowl - A term that within the industry that can refer both to a unit of measurement for a small amount of flower as well as the area where flower is packed to be smoked, typically a removable piece for water pipes. Additionally, for a basic cannabis pipe a bowl also includes a carb. (See also carb)

Blunt - The term that is used to refer to a tobacco leaf cigar or cigarillo paper that has been emptied of its tobacco contents and filled with cannabis. Known to alter the taste due to the cannabis and tobacco flavors mixing when consumed in addition to often burning longer and therefore making them ideal for larger social gatherings. 

Bubbler - A handheld pipe, usually made of glass, with a water reservoir at the bottom to cool and diffuse the smoke before it is inhaled.

Carb - A small hole located on the side of a basic cannabis pipe bowl that is covered when inhaling cannabis from the opposite end of the pipe until the consumer chooses to clear the pipe chamber. (See also bowl) 

Carb cap - A device used with dab rigs that creates restricted airflow to vaporize concentrate vapor more efficiently.

Cone - A term used to describe a type of filtered cannabis cigarette that is typically cone shaped and wider as the cone get longer. 

Crutch - A common term used to describe a filter or tip generally made from paper which acts as a mouthpiece from a joint or pre-roll in addition to preventing bits of plant matter from getting into your mouth as its smoked. 

Dabber tool - A tool used for exposing cannabis concentrate to a hot surface on a dab rig that is available in a large variety of shapes, sizes and styles which all offer their own pros and cons. (See also dab rig and Industry Slang: dabbing)

Dab Rig - A specific type of water pipe that is typically designed to include both a dome and nail used for smoking concentrate forms of cannabis such as rosin, shatter, BHO, etc. (See also dome and nail) 

Diffuser - A modified tube that can be added to a water pipe in order to increase bubbles and airflow to reduce the effects of cannabis smoke on the throat.

Dome - An important piece of any dab rig that fits over a nail in order to capture the vapors that occur when cannabis concentrate is introduced to a heated surface. (See also dab rig and nail)

Domeless nail - Refers to a type of dab rig that has the dome and nail in one piece as opposed to two which allows for more efficient consumption of cannabis concentrates.

Downstem - Refers to a long tube of glass that is often attached to the bowl of a water pipe aka bong. A must have piece for allowing smoke to be pulled through in order to be inhaled.

Dab Mat - Refers to a silicone or rubber mat used for surface protection underneath a dab rig to protect from sticky, oily, waxy residue that may drip off the nail while dabbing.

Dugout - A discreet box with two sections that hold a small one-hitter and a small amount of cannabis flower; sometimes they include space to hold a lighter as well. (See also one hitter)

Electronic Nail (E-nail) - A nail used with a dab rig that electronically controls the temperature of a nail and therefore eliminates the need for torch. Typically made of quartz, glass or ceramic. 

Electronic Rig - Ideal for those seeking to target specific terpenes, an electronic rig allows for control of temperature when dabbing concentrates to preserve terpenes. (See also Growing & Plant Morphology: terpenes)

Grinder - Small circular tool with two halves that has sharp teeth and holes at the top and an empty compartment below for cannabis flower to be sifted into. Commonly used by people who prefer not having the sticky trichome residue on their fingers. (See also Growing & Plant Morphology: trichome/resin gland)

Heady glass - A common term used to describe high quality blown glass pieces used for cannabis consumption.

Joint - A rolled cannabis cigarette that is rolled using loose paper. 

Nail - Refers to the piece of metal attached to a dab rig, typically made of titanium or quartz that is torched to a specific temperature in order to consume cannabis concentrates.

One hitter - Refers to a discrete pipe that only holds a minimal amount of cannabis which typically results in only one hit hence the name. 

Percolator (Perc) - An add on piece available in single and double variations for water pipes that allows for additional filtration which results in a smoother inhale.

Pre-roll - A commonly used term that refers to a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette, slangily known as a joint. Many dispensaries have pre-rolls available for purchase.

Pelican Case - A special case for carrying dab rigs, water pipes or other fragile pieces.

Quartz Banger - Refers to a dab nail that is made of quartz crystal specifically. (See also nail)

Roach - An industry term that describes the often highly resinous remains of a joint or blunt after majority of it has been smoked.

Three Chambered Grinder - A three segmented version of a grinder that includes the top portion with sharp teeth and holes for grinding, a collection compartment with a metal screen for ground cannabis flower and a third level used for kief collection. (See also grinder)

Torch - Refers to a tool that uses propane to produce a consistent flame which is typically used to heat up the nail of a dab rig when smoking concentrates. 

Vaporizer - A device that utilizes convection to heat cannabis flower or oil as opposed to combustion which results in a less harsh inhale. Commonly suggested for medical users with concerns about smoke inhalation from traditional water pipes. Available in a variety of sizes and types such as desktop/stationary, pen and portable vaporizers.

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