Leafly API Documentation

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This article provides a general overview and links to documentation for Leafly's Menu API and Order API endpoints. 


Leafly API Overview

Our Menu API and Order API are powerful tools designed to streamline the integration process for point of sale (POS) partners. Our APIs are crafted to offer seamless and efficient interactions between your POS system and our platform. By integrating with us, you can unlock a world of benefits and features that will enhance your customers' experience and boost our mutual retail partners’ business efficiency.

To request access to our sandbox environment, contact us at: api@leafly.com 


Menu API

Any cannabis point of sale (POS) system can integrate with Leafly’s menu API so that their retail partners can quickly populate their Leafly menus by importing inventory data already in their Point of Sale system.

🔗 To learn more, click here to access Leafly's Menu API documentation and best practices.


Order API

Leafly's Order API allows you to retrieve and update orders on behalf of retailers using your integration. Notifications of order events occurring on leafly.com will be communicated to your system by webhooks.

Please Note: Prior to beginning work against the Order API endpoints, integrators must update their menu integration to use Leafly Menu API v2.0 endpoints. The key differences between the previous v1.1 and current v2.0 are:

  • v2.0 enforces critical requirements about menu item IDs that the order integration relies on that was previously not enforced by v1.1
  • v2.0 uses the same OAuth2 authentication mechanism as the Order API

🔗 To learn more, click here to access Leafly's Order API documentation and best practices.


For any additional questions, please reach out to api@leafly.com