Uber Eats & Leafly - Processing Uber Eats Orders via Greenline

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For more information on the Greenline order integration, please see this article.


How does Uber Eats work with Greenline? 

  • If you are using the Greenline <> Leafly order integration, you will see orders placed on Uber Eats populate into your Greenline order dashboard.
  • All Uber Eats orders are prepaid. When Leafly + Uber Eats orders are sent to Greenline, they will arrive with the “Unpaid” status. This is intentional and allows you to cancel an order if needed without performing any transaction refund steps in Greenline.
  • Additionally, Uber Eats order will appear in your Leafly Biz Dashboard with an identifying `Uber Eats` order indicator. 

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Can I use a last-mile solution such as Onfleet?

  • Yes, you can use a last-mile solution for this program. However, you will still need to perform all order actions from the Leafly Order Dashboard, including the delivery steps. 

Why are my Greenline products appearing with variant names instead of the master name?

  • Due to the type of menu source, we are getting product data pushed to Leafly by the Greenline team. Greenline has investigated this further and have provided this update on how to resolve: "Our team has investigated the issue described and are only able to determine that in some cases where a product has both a Product Name as well as a variant, Leafly appears to capture the variant name, rather than the Master product name. The devs suggest re-saving (simply clicking Save) the product on Greenline and resyncing the Leafly integration on the dashboard to update any of these products appearing in error. Their testing shows re-saving/resyncing captures the correct names and updates them on Leafly."

Before Getting Started...

Please Note:

  • All Uber Eats orders are prepaid. When Leafly + Uber Eats orders are sent to Greenline, they will arrive with the “Unpaid” status. This is intentional and allows you to cancel an order if needed without performing any transaction refund steps in Greenline.
  • Leafly Driver Tools are not compatible with the Greenline order integration. Greenline becomes the source of truth for all order statuses. You will be unable to assign drivers to orders and drivers will not be able to update order statuses via the Leafly Driver Webapp.
  • If you are not using the Greenline order integration and using the Greenline menu integration only, Leafly online orders will not appear in your Greenline POS. You will need to manually create those orders in Greenline to track your sales and manage the order lifecycle through Leafly’s order dashboard or driver tools.

    • Please Note: When completing the order in your Greenline Terminal, use "Other" as your payment method for these transactions. This will allow you to complete these orders without prompting the Merrco terminal and update your inventory accordingly.


Uber Eats Order Fulfillment Workflow

All Uber Eats orders are prepaid at the time a shopper places an order, regardless of the paid status displayed in Greenline when an order is first received.




If using Greenline, you will see orders placed to your LeaflyBiz Dashboard with a green Uber identifier.

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New Uber Eats orders will also populate in Greenline. Locate the new order by tapping "Parked" and accessing your Online Orders queue on the Greenline tablet.


Update the order status from "Order placed" to "Ready for delivery" once you have physically packed the order.


This status change will be reflected on your Leafly Order Dashboard and be sent back to your Uber shopper to let them know their order is ready to go.


Next, before your driver collects their orders and heads out the door, mark any waiting orders as "Out for delivery."


This will update the order status on the Leafly Order Dashboard and also alert your Uber shopper that their order is on its way.


Optional: You can use the Uber Eats tablet to update the ETA if you want to provide your shopper with a more exact timeline for delivery.


Once your driver successfully hands the order to the shopper, access the order from your Online Orders queue then process payment as "Other."



Finally, after the order is paid and delivered, find it in your Online Orders queue and mark it "Completed."


This will complete the order on the Leafly Order Dashboard as well as on Uber Eats.


Cancelling Orders

Partners using the Greenline Order Integration will not have order cancellation options available on the Leafly Order Dashboard and must cancel orders either in Greenline or via the Uber Eats tablet.


To cancel order in Greenline, access the order details then click the trash can icon in the upper right hand corner of the order.


The cancellation will be communicated back to Uber Eats to initiate a customer refund.



What payment methods are available to shoppers ordering via Uber Eats?

  • All Uber Eats orders are prepaid.
  • If you must manually create orders in your POS system, you may need to speak with your POS provider about creating a separate payment method option to use when completing Uber Eats transactions. This allows you to skip activating payment terminals and can help in tracking and attributing Uber Eats sales separately from your other sales for financial recording purposes.
  • For retailers using Greenline as their POS: Process the order as "other" for your payment method for any Uber Eats transactions. This will allow you to complete these orders without prompting the Merrco terminal, which also allows for inventory to reflect correctly.

How do I refund an order? 

  • For those using Greenline Order Integration, you will cancel the order in Greenline. This will trigger the refund workflow, and the customer will be refunded. 
We received an order under the set cart threshold. How did that happen? How do we proceed? 
  • Dispensary partners are onboarded to Uber based on the delivery fee provided during launch. If the minimum cart requires to be updated, please reach out to Leafly Support through help@leafly.com to make these adjustments to your Uber Eats store. 
  • If an order is received below the configured minimum cart, it is likely due to item availability. SKUs may be dropped if it isn’t in stock. 
  • Orders that come in like this are at your discretion to decide whether you would like to proceed with fulfilling that order considering it doesn't meet your basket minimum.
  • For any concerns or questions, please email help@leafly.com and our Support Team can assist you further. 

I use Greenline as my POS; why do orders appear as POS failed to Create Order when they are canceled? 

  • Greenline will cancel orders automatically if items ordered had over an available quantity or there was an out-of-stock item ordered in the cart. 
  • For any concerns, please email help@leafly.com to connect with our Support Team.