What’s the difference between signing up as a Brand or a Dispensary?

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Dispensary listings are exclusively intended for licensed storefront and delivery services. Dispensaries and Delivery services operate their own Leafly page, which hosts their menu, contact information, deals, updates, and reviews. 

Brand pages are for licensed Producers and Processors and other companies involved with the cannabis industry. Brands operate their own Leafly Brand Page, which provides a list of the products available and an option to review the items. All purchasing of these products must be done from the respective brand's website and is dependent on the company's regulatory restrictions based on location.

If you’d like to advertise your Dispensary or Brand with Leafly, please fill out the form at https://success.leafly.com/biz. That will get your inquiry into our system and assigned to the representative most appropriate for your location and/or business. Someone from the appropriate department for your inquiry will contact you with further details at their earliest availability.


If you have any questions, please reach out to customersupport@leafly.com