Adding products to your brand page

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To add products to your brand profile, you will need to log into your Brand Biz Dashboard. You can check out this FAQ on how to access the dashboard: Where do I access my brand dashboard?


After logging into your Biz Dashboard, select the 'Products' option on the left side panel of your Biz Dashboard. 




To add a new product, click on the 'Add New Product' at the top of the page. An editing overlay will appear on the page for you to start adding products.






Below you can find more information on the fields and if they are required to publish the product. 


Product images(s)

  • Required - at least one photo needs to be uploaded
  • Brand Products can have a total of 5 uploaded
  • They will appear in the order they are uploaded
  • You can read more about image requirements here: Brand page image format/size requirements



Product name 

  • Required
  • Enter the product name as you want this item to appear on your page
  • Brand products cannot share the same name



Full Description

  • The full description has unlimited characters and will show up on that item's product page. 




  • Required
  • This is the main category your brand product will classify as on the site.
  • The categories are the main ones found on our Product Marketplace
  • Below are the options: 




  • Required
  • The subcategory further classifies your brand product. 
  • Each subcategory is specific for each category chosen. 



  • Optional
  • This is an internal optional category and is currently not public-facing. 



Link to a strain

  • Optional - but encouraged
  • We heavily encourage you to utilize this field if your brand items are associated with strain information.
  • Linking items to strains found in our database will allow your items to be found when shoppers browse our strain pages. 
  • To add the data to this field, simply start typing the strain. (Note: Strain will only appear as they are listed in our Database)
  • After searching, click on the result shown that matches.



External URL 

  • Optional 
  • This field can be used if this option is enabled for your account. This allows a link from your Leafly Brand product to your external website for that item or page. 


Geographic availability

  • Required - with at least one country availability required. 
  • From the options, you have the United States or Canada
    • In addition, you can add state or province information




After adding your product, you have 2 options. Click either of the following options: 

  • Save for Later: This will save your item as a draft and will not be public-facing. This allows you time to make any changes before going live with that item.   
  • Publish: This will instantly publish your item to your brand page and is public-facing.



Note: At this time you cannot delete your brand products from Leafly. To learn how to delete these items, we have this Help Desk article: Deleting products from your Brand page

It is also very important to create a new product and not edit any existing items.  


For any issues or concerns, we kindly request that you contact our support team at They will be more than happy to assist you in resolving any problems you may encounter.