Managing your Payment Methods

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The Leafly Billing Portal allows you to adjust your payment method for your billing account. Once logged in, you will have two ways to access your Payment Methods. You can access them from the Home Screen or from the Payments Tab found at the top of the page. 


Accessing your Payment Methods

Home Screen 

  • On the home screen, you can view your default payment method on the right side of the screen in the Payment Methods box. The Default Payment Method displayed is used to process automatic payments.
  • In the top corner of the “Payment Methods” box, you can click the Manage link to bring you directly to the Manage Payment Methods section of the Portal.




Payments Tab 

  • Navigate directly to the Payments page using the header toolbar
  • Click on the Manage Payment Methods tab to view the default payment method, change the default payment method, or add a new payment method.




Viewing your default payment method

  • Once on the Manage Payment Methods tab, you will see the list of payment methods currently on your billing account on the page.
  • If multiple billing methods are on file, your Default Payment Method appears as the top-left method on the page and has the label Default displayed. 



Adding a new payment method

Once on the Manage Payment Methods page, click the +Add New Payment Method to begin the process of adding your new payment. 

You will receive a popup for a secure payment method capture which allows for either Credit Card or ACH details to be added. Once new details have been processed, you will see the new method added to your account and will now be able to use the new method for processing payments.




If multiple payment methods are on file, you will see which one is the Default on the left, labeled as Default. To change the Default Payment Method, click on the Set As Default link on any of the other available payment methods.



To delete a payment method, click the Delete link on the payment method to be deleted; you will not be able to delete the payment method set as Default.




For any issues or concerns, we kindly request that you contact our support team at They will be more than happy to assist you in resolving any problems you may encounter.