Uber Eats & Leafly - Order Fulfillment FAQ

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This article covers information on orders regarding Uber Eats:


If you have any issues, questions, or concerns regarding Store Operations with your Uber Eats store, please email help@leafly.com. From there, our Leafly Support Team will be able to help you further. 


Orders Overview - Checkout

How much cannabis can be ordered at the Uber Eats checkout?

  • The Cannabis Act states an adult may possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis (or its equivalent) in public.

How are regulation-based purchase limits handled on Uber Eats?

  • During the creation of the “allow list” catalog for your Uber Eats menu, Leafly is rounding up and assigning “cannabis units” to menu items based on product weight.
  • These values are then used to check against hard-coded purchase limits on a shopper’s cart. An error message is displayed if they have products exceeding their daily purchase limit.

What payment methods are available to shoppers ordering via Uber Eats?

  • All Uber Eats orders are prepaid.
  • If you must manually create orders in your POS system, you may need to speak with your POS provider about creating a separate payment method option to use when completing Uber Eats transactions. This allows you to skip activating payment terminals and can help in tracking and attributing Uber Eats sales separately from your other sales for financial recording purposes.
  • For retailers using Greenline as their POS: Process the order as "other" for your payment method for any Uber Eats transactions. This will allow you to complete these orders without prompting the Merrco terminal, which also allows for inventory to reflect correctly.

What happens when someone's name is different than what is on their ID (such as initials)?

  • The requirement in Ontario is that the recipient is “an individual who is located at the address provided” when the order was placed. It is not required that the recipient be the same person as the account holder. This regulation can be found here: O. Reg. 468/18: GENERAL
  • Uber is currently working on improvements to account names, especially when initials are used. At this time, there is no timeline. For any concerns, please email help@leafly.com

Can shoppers cancel their orders? Is there a limit on when they can cancel them?

  • Shoppers can cancel their orders in the app up until they are marked "Ready for Delivery." After that point, the only way a shopper can cancel an order is by contacting Uber support directly. This will be notated by a "Canceled by Partner" reason. 
  • The Uber team is on the lookout for potential fraudulent cancellations for orders placed at retailers within the pilot program. If you ever complete a delivery and see the order status has changed to "canceled by partner," please contact help@leafly.com with the order ID immediately, and the Leafly Support Team will escalate this to the Uber team for further investigation.



Orders Overview - Store Level 

Receipts: How Will Uber Orders appear on my printed receipts?

  • When an order prints from your Leafly online ordering designated printer, there will be a “prepaid” indicator to confirm payment was received for the order.

Order History: Can I view my Uber Orders in my Leafly Order History? Can I export this information? 

  • Yes, you can view your Uber Eats orders from within your Leafly Order History and export this data. 
  • The values in the ecommerce_integration_order_id field match up to the Workflow ID (located in column F) on the Uber financial reporting
  • To learn more about exporting your Leafly Order History, please refer to this article: Viewing the complete history of your online orders for your location

Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 9.59.21 AM.png

Order Dashboard: How will Uber Orders appear on the Leafly Biz Dashboard? 

  • Orders coming from Uber Eats will have an “Uber” tag on them to differentiate from orders with a Leafly origin:

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 2.40.23 PM.png

Notifications: How would I be alerted that I received an order?

Uber Eats Phone Codes: What are they? How do I use them? Where do they live?

  • Shopper phone numbers are masked when they place orders via Uber Eats. Uber provides a placeholder phone number and an Uber Eats Phone Code that you must enter after dialing the phone number associated with an order to be connected to the shopper.
  • These phone codes will appear in the order details on the Leafly Order Dashboard and on associated receipts printed when an order arrives.
  • On the Leafly Order Dashboard, the Uber Phone Code appears under the Customer Info section of the order in question. 
  • Note: Drivers should call or text shoppers with the Uber Phone Code prior to adjusting the order status to - arriving at customer
  • If you encounter any issues with the Uber Eats phone code, please contact Uber live order support at 1-800-313-9651 for immediate assistance.

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How are cancellations / out of stock / substitutions handled for Uber Eats? 

  • At this time, substitutions are not possible with the current Uber Eats integration functionality. You will be able to remove items from an order, or cancel an order that is not able to be fulfilled.
  • Uber Eats will process any full or partial refunds for cart items that are out of stock. When you adjust the item quantity on the Leafly order dashboard, these changes are transmitted to Uber Eats, who then handles customer refunds.
  • If you have any order issues, please email help@leafly.com to connect with our Support Team.

I use Cova or Greenline as my POS; why do orders appear as POS failed to Create Order when they are canceled? 

  • Both Cova and Greenline will cancel orders automatically if items ordered had over an available quantity or there was an out-of-stock item ordered in the cart. 
  • For any concerns, please email help@leafly.com to connect with our Support Team. 

How do I refund an order? 

  • For those using Cova Order Integration, you will refund an order by canceling it in Cova. This will trigger the refund workflow, and the customer will be refunded. 
  • For those using Greenline Order Integration, you will cancel the order in Greenline. This will trigger the refund workflow, and the customer will be refunded. 
  • For those manually managing your menu or orders, you will cancel the order in the Leafly Order Dashboard. This will trigger the refund workflow, and the customer will be refunded. 

A customer ordered an item out of stock. How did that happen? 

  • Leafly does not validate available quantity at checkout. This is true for orders placed on Leafly.com and on Uber Eats.
  • Menus sync every 15 minutes to Uber, so there is a possibility for a delay in information. Meaning if an item is out of stock, it will appear on Uber for 15 minutes until the next menu sync with Leafly.  
  • For any issues on out-of-stock items ordered or for any concerns, please email help@leafly.com to connect with our Support Team. 
We received an order under the set cart threshold. How did that happen? How do we proceed? 
  • Dispensary partners are onboarded to Uber based on the delivery fee provided during launch. If the minimum cart requires to be updated, please reach out to Leafly Support through help@leafly.com to make these adjustments to your Uber Eats store. 
  • If an order is received below the configured minimum cart, it is likely due to item availability. SKUs may be dropped if it isn’t in stock. 
  • Orders that come in like this are at your discretion to decide whether you would like to proceed with fulfilling that order considering it doesn't meet your basket minimum.
  • For any concerns or questions, please email help@leafly.com and our Support Team can assist you further. 


Processing Orders 

For more information and detailed order fulfillment workflow steps, please see these articles:

Canceling Orders

Should it be necessary to cancel an Uber Eats order, you can do so following the workflows outlined here.

Uber Eats Tablet

All retailers are provided an Uber Eats tablet. In addition to the Live Order Tracking functionality and temporarily pausing orders, retailers can cancel orders directly on their Uber Eats tablet.

To do so, first tap the Help icon in the top right corner on the order details:

Next, tap "Cancel order." Select a reason for canceling, then tap "Confirm."

Cova Integrated Partners

Partners using the Cova Order Integration will not have order cancellation options available on the Leafly Order Dashboard and must cancel orders either in Cova or via the Uber Eats tablet.


To cancel an order in Cova, head to the Orders tab on your Cova POS tablet and select the order you wish to cancel. Next, click the trash can icon in the upper right hand corner. Follow the directions of the pop-up prompt and select "Delete" to cancel the order.


The cancellation will be communicated back to Uber Eats to initiate a customer refund.


Greenline Integrated Partners

Partners using the Greenline Order Integration will not have order cancellation options available on the Leafly Order Dashboard and must cancel orders either in Greenline or via the Uber Eats tablet.


To cancel order in Greenline, access the order details then click the trash can icon in the upper right hand corner of the order.


The cancellation will be communicated back to Uber Eats to initiate a customer refund.


Manually Managed Partners

Partners who are managing their orders via the Leafly Order Dashboard will need to cancel orders within Leafly Biz.


Navigate to your Leafly Order Dashboard, then select the order you wish to cancel. On the order details view, click on the three vertical dots, then select your cancellation reason.



The cancellation will be communicated back to Uber Eats to initiate a customer refund.


For additional assistance, please contact the Leafly Support Team at help@leafly.com