Uber Eats & Leafly - Processing Uber Eats Orders via Manually Managed Menu+Orders

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How does Uber Eats work with my non-integrated location? 

  • Leafly online orders still appear in your Order Dashboard. You will also follow the same process as if you were processing a normal Leafly order. 
  • Uber Eats order will appear in your Leafly Biz Dashboard with an identifying `Uber Eats` order indicator. 
  • Please reference this section: Uber Eats & Leafly - Order Fulfillment FAQ article for a walkthrough on how to process these orders. 

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Leafly Online Order Workflow

If you are manually managing your menu or orders, you will be following order workflows that you are already familiar with from the Leafly Order Dashboard.

If you need a refresher on order fulfillment workflows via the Leafly Order Dashboard, please see the articles below:

Uber Eats Order Fulfillment Workflow

For any Uber Eats orders, you will see orders placed to your Leafly Biz Dashboard with a green Uber identifier

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To continue, update the order status to ready for delivery. When ready to deliver, move the status to out for delivery

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Move the order status to arrived at customer upon arrival and after the order is completed, once more move the order status to complete

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Cancelling Orders

Partners who are managing their orders via the Leafly Order Dashboard will need to cancel orders within Leafly Biz.


Navigate to your Leafly Order Dashboard, then select the order you wish to cancel. On the order details view, click on the three vertical dots, then select your cancellation reason.



The cancellation will be communicated back to Uber Eats to initiate a customer refund.



How do I refund an order? 

  • For those manually managing your menu or orders, you will cancel the order in the Leafly Order Dashboard. This will trigger the refund workflow, and the customer will be refunded. 

A customer ordered an item out of stock. How did that happen? 

  • Leafly does not validate available quantity at checkout. This is true for orders placed on Leafly.com and on Uber Eats.
  • Menus sync every 15 minutes to Uber, so there is a possibility for a delay in information. Meaning if an item is out of stock, it will appear on Uber for 15 minutes until the next menu sync with Leafly.  
  • For any issues on out-of-stock items ordered or for any concerns, please email help@leafly.com to connect with our Support Team. 

How are cancellations / out of stock / substitutions handled for Uber Eats? 

  • At this time, substitutions are not possible with the current Uber Eats integration functionality. You will be able to remove items from an order, or cancel an order that is not able to be fulfilled.
  • Uber Eats will process any full or partial refunds for cart items that are out of stock. When you adjust the item quantity on the Leafly order dashboard, these changes are transmitted to Uber Eats, who then handles customer refunds.
  • If you have any order issues, please email help@leafly.com to connect with our Support Team.
We received an order under the set cart threshold. How did that happen? How do we proceed? 
  • Dispensary partners are onboarded to Uber based on the delivery fee provided during launch. If the minimum cart requires to be updated, please reach out to Leafly Support through help@leafly.com to make these adjustments to your Uber Eats store. 
  • If an order is received below the configured minimum cart, it is likely due to item availability. SKUs may be dropped if it isn’t in stock. 
  • Orders that come in like this are at your discretion to decide whether you would like to proceed with fulfilling that order considering it doesn't meet your basket minimum.
  • For any concerns or questions, please email help@leafly.com and our Support Team can assist you further.