Improving a negative review

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One way to effectively improve a negative review is by responding to it. Responding to a negative review allows you to repair the business relationship, clear up any misunderstandings or negative first impressions, and show potential customers who read your reviews that you appreciate all visitors to your shop.

By responding to reviews, you can differentiate your customer service from that of your competitors. It's worth noting that most potential customers will pay more attention to how you respond to a review than the review itself.


To reply to any review, first log into your Biz Dashboard and complete these steps:

  • Log into your Leafly Biz Dashboard
  • Click on 'Communications' from your left-side navigation panel
  • Select 'Reviews

Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 8.38.40 AM.png


  • Once on your Review page, find the review you want to reply to. 
  • Click on the Reply button and type out your reply. As a reminder, these responses will be public on your listing
  • Select Post to post the reply. 

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