Manually linking strains on your Leafly menu

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This article covers the importance of strain linking and the steps you can take to ensure your menu products are linked to strains in our Leafly database. As a reminder, certain strains are trademarked due to copyright issues. To learn more about what strains will be rebranded, please see this guide: Linking Strains: Trademarked Strains


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What is strain linking?

People are constantly researching strains in Leafly's extensive strain database around the clock. By linking strains to menu items, locations can increase traffic and orders resulting from strain research. For example, when someone searches for "Sour Diesel" on Google, the Leafly Sour Diesel strain page will be at the top of the results. On our strain page, they will see a 'Buy Sour Diesel weed near you' carousel. This carousel will display stores in the area that have this strain linked to items.

Strain linking can be done in one of two ways: Manually or through your current POS integration. Some POS providers seamlessly transfer strain data to Leafly Biz. If yours doesn’t, you’ll need to manually select the strain link for each item.

If you are currently POS connected, you can check out more details about your specific integration found in our POS guides here: Point of Sale Guides


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Verifying your strain data

1. Accessing your Menu Manager

  • Log into your Leafly Biz Dashboard
  • From the left-side panel, click the Menu option
  • Click on Menu Manager from the drop-down

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2. Confirming Missing Strain Data

In the Leafly Menu Manager, you can check for menu items that are missing strain data by using the Menu filter.

Look for the "Incomplete Item Data" section, and then check the checkbox next to the "No Strain Name" option. If you don't see this option, it means all your menu items have brands linked to them.

When you select this option, your menu manager will automatically filter to display only items without strain data attached to them. 

🔗 Check out our Help Desk article about our filter here:  Learn More - Menu Manager filters and item sorting

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3. Confirming Current Strain Data

Once inside your Leafly Menu Manager, you can check to see what strains are linked to your menu items. You can also see if incorrect data is sent or if the strain has incorrect strain information added. You can start by accessing the Menu filter. 

Clicking on the 'Strain Name' option from the Filters menu will expand. From there, you can scroll through the list of strain names and locate the menu items in Menu Manager

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Adding Brand Data to your menu items

To add Strain Data:

  • Scroll, filter, or search to find the menu item you want to update.
  • Click on the menu item to open the editing overlay.
  • In the overlay, find the 'Strain name' field.

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  • Enter the Strain name in this field. The Leafly Menu Manager will generate some results.
  • Click on the result to link this product to the strain.
    • If the strain cannot be found, click on 'No strain to link to right now'.
    • Add the strain data if necessary.
  • Click on the 'save and set active' button to apply the changes.

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If you need to add any strains to our Strain Database, please reach out to our team at for more information





For any issues or concerns, we kindly request that you contact our support team at They will be more than happy to assist you in resolving any problems you may encounter.