How to fulfill a Leafly online order

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You can learn more about fulfilling Leafly online orders, you can check out a video from our Onboarding team: Getting Started with Leafly Orders.

If you need assistance with accessing the video above or need assistance with the password, please use our Request Form to contact our Support Team.


To process or fulfill any Leafly orders, you will want to first access your order dashboard. To do so, log into your Biz Dashboard and click on the ‘Orders’ option from the left side panel. 




Anytime a new order is submitted, it will appear at the top of your order dashboard, highlighted in yellow with the 'Prepare Order' status. In addition, you can browse new orders by clicking on the New button at the top of the page: 




  • To accept or notify the shopper that you have received their order, click on the order and the order details will display with an overlay: 




  • On this overlay, you can see the Order Summary which provides the list of items the shopper has requested. This has moved the order to the 'Preparing' stage. Once the order is within this ‘Preparing’ stage, you will want to process or fill the order. 
  • If you need to communicate with the shopper about their order, please check out this Help Center article: I need to communicate with a customer about an order they placed
  • While filling the order, if you need to add, remove or substitute an item - please follow the steps outlined in our Help Desk article: Substituting items for online orders


  • After you have completed filling or processing the order, you will want to move the order to the 'Ready for Pickup' stage. This alerts the shopper that the order is ready to be picked up. To move the order, click the 'Ready for Pickup' button on the order overlay: 




  • Once the order is picked up for your location, you will want to complete the order by selecting ‘Complete’




Selecting complete moves the order into your Order History. The order history tab keeps a record of all the orders placed at your location. 

For additional assistance or questions, please use our Request Form to contact our Support Team. Please visit our Knowledge Base for helpful hints and tips.