Eatabit printer installation and troubleshooting guide

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Eatabit printers use Wifi and can be installed just by using your mobile device/tablet. For more information on receiving this printer for your location, please use our Request Form to contact our Support Team.

If you are installing a printer that is not this specific device, please the following articles: How-to: set up PrintNode (Windows User) or How-to: set up PrintNode (Mac OS)


This article covers the step-by-step process of installing your Eatabit printer and troubleshooting steps. Please see the following steps: 


Installing your Eatabit Printer


Requirements for Installation

Below you can see the requirements for installing the Eatabit Wi-Fi Model:

  • Minimum iOS version: 8.0 or minimum Android version: 4.3
  • Bluetooth must be enabled on your phone/tablet
  • The printer must be in the range of the wifi network
  • The printer should be at least 10 feet away from the wifi router
  • The phone must be in the range of the printer
  • Choose the 2.4Ghz WiFi network
  • Phone must have location services available


Receiving & Setting Up Your Printer


Once you receive your Eatabit printer at your location, follow these steps to begin the setup: 

  • Plug the device into the standard power outlet
  • Follow the instructions found on the LCD screen located on the device
  • Connect the device to Wifi using your mobile smartphone or tablet.
  • Please note that: AFTER A WIFI DEVICE HAS ALREADY BEEN SET UP ONCE, it will remember the network credentials, even when powered off.

Note: The minute timer on the device is a feature used by restaurants. It's to signify the current average number of minutes of prep time for food orders. This feature is not used in retail applications. Additionally, this "displayed prep time" feature is not user-configurable.


Linking your Printer to Leafly

After setting up your printer on-site, you will want to make sure you link your printer to Leafly so that your receipts can print.

To do so, follow these steps: 

  • From the left-side panel, click on 'Settings'
  • Select 'Notifications'
  • Once inside Notifications, click on the 'Printers' tab:


If you need to change your type of printer or reset your printer settings, follow the steps here: Resetting your Leafly printer settings

  • From the drop-down - select the 'Eatabit' option
  • Enter the device ID into the Eatabit ID field
    • This device ID  can be found underneath your printer
  • After doing so, select 'Save'


  • After saving the information, your printer settings will be saved and displayed as shown below: 



Eatabit Tips for Success

Do locate the printer →

  • In high visibility area (countertop)
  • Near Telephone or Point of Sale System
  • Near Standard Power Outlet

Do NOT locate the printer →

  • Near large equipment (electric fan etc.)
  • Near water/other liquids
  • Near heat sources

Before receiving orders →

  • Have HQ send test orders
  • Demonstrate how to tear tickets, avoid paper jams, and tear carefully!
  • Stock extra paper rolls near the device

Recommended Paper →

  • 1 ply Thermal Paper Rolls 3- 1/8 in x 119 ft

  • Available on from multiple sellers or from the distributor at


Eatabit Troubleshooting

If the device does not function properly or if there are any printer connectivity issues, please direct all inquiries to and the Eatabit Support Team can assist you further. You will need to be able to provide the last 4 digits of the device id which is located on the bottom of the printer. 


The device is not printing

If there are any issues with the device not printing, please follow these troubleshooting steps: 

1. Confirm that the Eatabit app is downloaded onto the smartphone or tablet
2. Ensure Bluetooth AND Location Services are active on the smartphone/tablet 
Make sure no other devices are connected to the phone's/tablet's Bluetooth
3. Unplug the Eatabit Printer device from the power
4. Press the 'Down Arrow' button on the Eatabit Printer device and keep it depressed
5. Plug the Eatabit Printer device into power
6. When the LCD screen on the Eatabit Printer device reads, "resetting," stop pressing the 'Down Arrow' button
7. Use the Eatabit app on the smartphone to choose the correct WiFi network
8. Use the Eatabit app on your smartphone to enter the WiFi network password.  

Be sure the smartphone is not automatically CaPiTaLIZINg letters in the password that should be lowercase. 


For any issues or concerns, we kindly request that you contact our support team at They will be more than happy to assist you in resolving any problems you may encounter.