Substituting, adding or removing items for online orders

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If you receive an order for an item or items you are out of, you will want to first communicate with the customer to see if they would like to substitute that item. You can also add new items to any online orders.

To learn more about communicating with a customer about their current order, please check out this Help Center article: I need to communicate with a customer about an order they placed

Once you’ve gotten confirmation from the customer on the substitution, it’s easy to make that change in the order dashboard.



Substituting items for an order: 

  • When viewing the order you need to make changes to, scroll to the Order Summary section and click on the arrow icon: 


  • Use the 'Replace with' field to search for items on your menu to substitute. 
  • After clicking on the replacement item, click the confirm substitution button
  • You will be brought back to the main order details after confirming


Adding a new item to an order:

  • When viewing the order, click on the +Add an item hyperlink: 




  • Use the field to search for items on your menu to add
  • Click the item you want to add from the drop-down results
  • Click on the 'confirm new item' button to add the item to the order



Removing an item from an order

  • To remove any items from an order, click on the trash can icon underneath the item that needs to be removed:


  • After clicking the icon, a pop-up overlay will display for confirmation
  • After you confirm, the item will be removed from the order





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