How-to: set up PrintNode (Windows User)

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Leafly Printer Installation Guide - Windows

This article covers the step-by-step process of installing your supported Leafly online printer. If you have any questions on what printers are supported, please check out this article: Supported printers for Leafly online ordering



In order to utilize the supported Leafly online ordering printers, your location will need to have a computer or laptop. If you are utilizing a tablet or do not have a computer/laptop - please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. If you do not know who your Customer Success Manager is, please use our Request Form to contact our Support Team.


Step One: Installation of Your Printer Drivers

Note: Our Technical Support team does not have any insight into installation issues during your driver installation. If you do encounter any issues, we advise reaching out to the Star Micronics team directly by visiting their website: Star Micronics Support


Star TSP143IIIU (TSP100 series)

  •  Install the driver from the Star Micronics website, found here 

    • Select the futurePRNT Lite package

  • Once the download is complete you will open your Downloads folder to access the TSP100 Driver 
    • Double-click to open and unzip the file for installation
    • Double-click the created unzipped folder for Windows

  • Double-click the Installer folder
    • Select the applicable setup application

  • Once selected, a pop-up will appear with additional instructions to complete the installation

  • Select Finish to complete the installation 
    • Once the installation is complete you will be prompted to restart your computer
    • A pop-up will appear for the Star Micronics website, this can be closed and requires no action
  • Once drivers have completed installation, go to your Control Panel 
    • Select Hardware and Sound
    • Double-click Devices and Printers
  • Right-click the receipt printer, select Printing preferences
  • Select the Advanced button within the Layout tab
    • Double-check that the paper size is set to 72mm x the receipt
  • Select OK


Star TSP100IIIW (Wi-Fi)

This printer requires that all stores have WiFi network access. We recommend setting up using the Access Point (AP) method. This is the only setup method that is not limited to specific hardware. It will require a computer with WiFi that can connect to the printer’s WiFi network for configuration.

  • You can locate steps for connecting with the AP process here.
  • All setup steps can be found within full printer manual.
  • Additional instructions can be found here.
  • Note: If you use a wireless printer and experience printing delays, we’d advise using a wired printer.

Step Two: Installing PrintNode 

  • PrintNode can be used with most printers if they have been connected to a computer that has both the printer drivers and the PrintNode client software installed.
  • PrintNode must be installed on your computer if you are planning to print receipts from a supported Leafly Printer. 
  • PrintNode must be installed following the directions below. 
  • You can also access additional visual support documentation directly from PrintNode for installation.

Once you’ve set up and installed the printer driver you can find the PrintNode client download by first logging right into your Leafly Biz Dashboard!


To correctly download PrintNode, please follow these steps: 



Step 1 - Starting the Installation of PrintNode

  • Click on the 'Printers' tab once you are inside the Notifications settings
  • Click on the drop-down to select your printer (Note: PrintNode only works with the Star or Epson printers)


  • Click on the 'Start Setup' to start the download of the PrintNode application 

Step 2 - Generation of your PrintNode credentials

  • On the Printer Setup page in Leafly Biz copy the login credentials that have been generated
  • Paste these credentials into the Email and Password field on the PrintNode application


  •  Select Sign In on the PrintNode Client to sign into PrintNode
    • After signing in, PrintNode will be visible from your taskbar. This is how you will access and open PrintNode going forward. 


Step 3 and Step 4 - Connecting PrintNode and Selecting your Printer

  • On the Printer Setup page in Leafly Biz, make sure your printer is selected
  • Click on 'complete printer setup' to finalize the setup


  • You will be brought back to the Printers page and you will see that your PrintNode has been enabled



Important Note: After installing PrintNode Client and logging in, open the app. Under the Printers tab, change the Default printing backend to Engine5.




Installation Videos: 

Star Micronics: How to set up TSP100III WLAN printer


How To Install A Star Micronics USB Printer with StarPRNT Drivers


For any issues or concerns, we kindly request that you contact our support team at They will be more than happy to assist you in resolving any problems you may encounter.