Sweed Order Integration Guide

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Process Overview

This article will walk you through the necessary steps to successfully activate Leafly’s Order integration with Sweed POS. You will complete the following high level steps (in order) → 


Please note that once you enable the Sweed order integration, your Leafly order dashboard will become read-only. While the order integration is active, order fulfillment will take place within Sweed.


In order to provide your shoppers with the best experience and to ensure the Sweed team has enough time to enable the integration on their end, it is recommended to begin order integration setup after-hours to avoid missing any orders.


Integration Guide Disclaimer

For further assistance or questions, please contact Sweed Support via their intercom ticketing system found within your Sweed portal or email help@leafly.com to connect with the Leafly Support Team


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Leafly Setup

1. Order Settings

Follow these steps to enable the Sweed Order integration in Leafly.

  • Open your web browser and sign into Leafly Bizhttps://business.leafly.com/Admin
  • From the left-side panel click on 'Settings'
  • Click on 'Integrations' from the drop-down


On this page, click connect to order integrator to activate your Ordering integration. 




A pop-up modal will appear asking you to confirm the connection. Copy your API key then click connect:


After clicking connect, you will see that the ordering integration is now activated:




If you need to disable the ordering integration:

  • Click the three vertical dots
  • Select Deactivate



2. Order Notifications

Follow these steps to enable email notification alerts for Leafly Orders through the Sweed Order integration: Enabling Email Notifications for Leafly Pickup


Sweed Setup

1. Share your API key with Sweed

To share your Leafly Order API Key generated above, you must contact Sweed with that information and request that they activate the Leafly Ordering Integration.


You can reach the Sweed team via their intercom ticketing system found within your Sweed portal or by directly contacting your Sweed Account Manager.


The Sweed team will respond to you with confirmation your integration is enabled.


Sweed Ordering Flow

1. Ordering Flow

Once a shopper places an order on Leafly, the order will flow through and be created in Sweed. You will want to monitor the Active Orders dashboard in Sweed for any new orders.

  • Please note the Order Status and Order Type on this page to keep track of order progress.

When you access the Order Info details, you'll see the order origin is Leafly:

Leafly orders in Sweed can be processed like any other e-commerce order. Follow steps for approval, packing, checking in with the customer, and completing the sale.


For more information, please see these articles:


2. Additional Actions for Delivery Orders

Delivery orders will be noted under the Order Type heading on the Sweed Active Orders dashboard.

To specify the Delivery Date and Time Window during packing, click Edit on the Order Info page and fill in delivery notes:

When finished, click Save to retain your edits.


Please Note: There will not be a default payment method in place for Leafly orders. You have the option to select the payment method within Sweed. Drivers can edit the payment method via the Sweed Driver App.


For more information on how to complete delivery orders, please see this article:


Sweed Ordering FAQs

Do I need to enable my POS menu sync from Sweed before enabling the Order integration?

  • Yes, at this time, you must have the Menu integration enabled and actively syncing before enabling the Order integration.

  • You can find instructions to enable the Menu integration sync in this Help Desk guide: Sweed Menu Integration Guide

Do I need to be a Pickup partner + Leafly customer in order to activate the Sweed Order settings?

  • Yes, at this time, you must have both Leafly Pickup or Delivery and a current subscription to our advertising services activated in order to use the Sweed Order Integration settings.

  • To learn how to enable online ordering, please take a look at this article: Adding Leafly online ordering to your location

Do customers still receive notifications when order status changes?

  • Yes. Customers will receive notifications via email and SMS. Additionally, if they have enabled in-app messaging, they will receive push notifications with order status updates.

Once Order Integration is enabled, will the Leafly Order Dashboard be disabled?

  • Yes. Once the Order Integration is enabled the Leafly Order Dashboard will be read-only. The dashboard will update appropriately but will not be actionable.

  • All order actions must be performed within your Sweed Active Orders E-Commerce fulfillment dashboard. 

How does customer profile matching work in Sweed for Leafly orders?

  • Leafly will provide the following customer information: First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and (for delivery orders) Address.

  • Sweed uses customer email addresses to match to existing customer profiles. If a customer's email is not in the system, a new customer profile will be created. If the email address matches an existing customer profile, the order will be associated with that profile.

Will customer government ID images transfer to Sweed for delivery orders?

  • No. At this time, government ID images associated with delivery orders will not flow to Sweed.

  • Retailers can access and download government ID images via their Leafly Order Dashboard.

Does Sweed support a “hold queue”?

  • Yes. Items will be placed on hold as a "Reserved Item" while the order is active. They will be fully deducted from inventory once the order is complete.

  • If an order is canceled, reserved items will be released.

How can I cancel an order?

  • At this time you need to perform all cancellations within Sweed.

Will my Leafly Deal pricing sync to my POS via the order integration?

  • No. At this time, you will need to replicate the deal in your POS and apply it to any applicable items in Leafly-sourced orders once you begin filling them in your POS system.