Greenline Order Integration Guide

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Process Overview

This article will walk you through the necessary steps to successfully activate Leafly’s Order integration with Greenline POS. You will complete the following high level steps (in order) → 


Please note that once you enable the Greenline order integration, your Leafly order dashboard will become read-only. While the order integration is active, order fulfillment will take place within Greenline. 


Integration Guide Disclaimer

For further assistance or questions, please contact Greenline Support ( or email to connect with the Leafly Support Team. 


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Greenline Setup

1. Retrieving your Client and Location IDs from Greenline

Follow these steps to enable the order integration within Greenline.

  • Open your web browser and sign into Greenline Back Office
  • On the left hand side, navigate to Integrations → Overview
  • Find the Leafly - Online Orders tile


  • Toggle the switch On
  • Click the API Keys button in the upper right hand corner


  • Copy your Company ID and Location ID.
    • Please note, if you have multiple locations, be sure to select the corresponding Location ID for the store you are configuring.
  • Proceed to Leafly Setup steps below

Leafly Setup

1. Order Settings

Follow these steps to enable the Greenline Order integration in Leafly.

  • Open your web browser and sign into Leafly Biz →
  • From the left-side panel click on 'Settings'
  • Click on 'Integrations' from the drop-down


On this page, enter your Greenline Company ID and Location ID then click Save to activate your Ordering integration. 




Once doing so, you will see that the ordering integration is now activated:


If you need to disable the ordering integration, flip the toggle on this page to disconnect. 



2. Order Notifications

Follow these steps to enable email notification alerts for Leafly Orders through the Greenline Order integration:


Greenline Ordering Flow

For more information on order fulfillment processes within Greenline, please refer to these helpful articles:



Greenline Ordering FAQs

Do I need to enable my POS menu sync from Greenline before enabling the Order integration?
  • Yes, at this time, you must have the Menu integration enabled and actively syncing before enabling the Order integration.
  • You can find instructions to enable the Menu integration sync in this Help Desk guide: Greenline Menu Integration Guide
Do I need to be a Pickup partner + Leafly customer in order to activate the Greenline Order settings?
  • Yes. At this time, you must have both Leafly Pickup and/or Delivery and a current subscription to our advertising services activated in order to use the Greenline Order Integration settings.
  • To learn how to enable online ordering, please take a look at this article: Adding Leafly online ordering to your location
Is the Greenline order integration compatible with the Leafly x Uber Eats pilot program?
  • Yes. The Greenline <> Leafly order integration is supported with the Uber Eats pilot program.
  • Please note: The Leafly Driver Tools will not be useable if you enable the Greenline order integration. Your order status source of truth will be Greenline, and all order status updates must take place via Greenline's Online Order management workflow.
  • For more information on Uber Eats-related workflows within Greenline, please see this article.
Do customers still receive notifications when order status changes?
  • Yes. When you make changes to the order status in Greenline, Leafly will send a notification to the shopper alerting them of order status changes.
Once Order Integration is enabled, will the Leafly Order Dashboard be disabled?
  • Yes. Once the Order Integration is enabled the Leafly Order Dashboard will be read-only. The dashboard will update appropriately but will not be actionable.
  • All order actions must be performed within your Greenline fulfillment dashboard. 

How are customer profiles matched between Leafly and Greenline?

  • Leafly collects MMJID (if required), first/last name, email address, and phone number during checkout and transmits that information to Greenline.
  • If a customer profile with a matching phone number or email address exists within Greenline, the order will be associated with that customer profile. Otherwise, a new customer profile will be created.

Will customer government ID images transfer to Greenline for delivery orders?

  • No, government ID image transfer is not supported at this time.
  • You can access government ID images via your Leafly Order Dashboard for delivery orders.

Does Greenline support a “hold queue”?

  • No. Menu items are removed from inventory when the order transaction is completed.

What are the potential pitfalls to managing orders solely in Greenline POS?

  • Currently, Retailers will not be able to substitute menu items for customers or be able to distinguish first time customers until the customer is in-store.

How can I cancel an order?

  • At this time you need to perform all cancellations within Greenline.
  • In addition, you cannot provide a reason for cancellation and these do not carry through from Greenline to Leafly.

Will my Leafly Deal pricing sync to my POS via the order integration?

  • No. At this time, you will need to replicate the deal in your POS and apply it to any applicable items in Leafly-sourced orders once you begin filling them in your POS system.