Dutchie POS Ordering Integration Guide

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This guide will walk you through the essential steps to activate your Ordering Integration with your Dutchie (Leaf Logix) POS


💡 Before you start the integration process, we kindly ask that you take a moment to review the information below: 

💡 To successfully complete your ordering sync, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Setup Dutchie + Leafly Menu Integration (if not already completed) 
  2. Configure Settings within Dutchie
  3. Enable the Dutchie Order Integration on Leafly

❗ Please note that once you enable the Dutchie order integration, your Leafly order dashboard will become read-only. While the order integration is active, order fulfillment will take place within Dutchie.  


Looking for Dutchie menu integration information? Check out this article!


Dutchie POS Set Up

1. Enable: Customer Notifications

The “Notify” button needs to be enabled per store in Dutchie by their Support Team. The Notify button changes the order status in Dutchie to “fulfilled” which notifies Leafly of the status change for customer notification that the order is either ready for pickup or en route if delivery.

This is a per-store requirement for the Order workflow. Contact support@dutchie.com to enable this option


2. Set Up - Guestlist Statuses

You will need to configure your POS Guestlist Statuses in the Dutchie backend. The Guestlist Status settings organize customer orders in the point-of-sale guestlist. Their order here also determines the order of your Kanban lanes, with the order from top to bottom reflected in the guestlist view from left to right.

To do so, head into your Dutchie POS and complete the following: 

  • Select Registers
  • Select Configure
  • You will land on the Guestlist Status tab

Most integrations can be set up like below. However, for additional information on configuring guestlist statuses, please refer to this page: Configure your location's guestlist statuses 




Leafly Setup 

1. Accessing the Leafly Order Settings

Follow these steps to enable the Dutchie Order integration in Leafly: 

  • Open your web browser and sign into Leafly Bizhttps://business.leafly.com/Admin
  • From the left-side panel click on 'Settings'
  • Click on 'Integrations' from the drop-down


2. Toggling On/Off the Order Integration

Click on the Orders tab once inside your Integration Settings. 

  • On this page, flip the toggle to activate your Ordering integration. 
  • After doing so, you will see that the ordering integration is active. If you need to disable the order integration, flip the toggle on this page to disconnect.


2. Order Notifications

Follow these steps to enable email notification alerts for Leafly Orders through the Dutchie Order integration: Enabling Email Notifications for Leafly Pickup


Dutchie POS Order Flow

For more on the functionality of processing orders in Dutchie, please take a look at this article: Fulfill online orders in Dutchie POS


Once your Guestlist Statuses are configured, inbound preorders will appear in the Kanban lanes found within your fulfillment dashboard with the appropriate status. The fulfilling budtender will click on the order as normal. 

The budtender will select the product listed in the Pre-Order tab to add it to the cart in Dutchie. 



After fulfilling the order, select change status to update the order status. Once you update the order status, click on the Notify button. This will trigger Leafly to send the user an update on the order: 




Dutchie POS Ordering FAQs

⭐ For more on the functionality of processing orders in Leaf Logix, please take a look at this article: Fulfill online orders in Dutchie POS

⭐ For further assistance or questions, please contact Dutchie Support (support@dutchie.com) or email help@leafly.com to connect with the Leafly Support Team. 


Do I need to enable my POS menu sync from Dutchie POS before I can enable the Order integration?

Do I need to be a Pickup partner + Leafly customer in order to activate the Dutchie POS Order settings?

  • Yes, at this time, you must have both Leafly Pickup and a current subscription to our advertising services activated in order to use the Dutchie Order Integration settings.

  • To learn how to enable online ordering, please take a look at this article: Adding Leafly online ordering to your location

Do customers still receive notifications when order status changes?

  • Yes. They receive automated SMS notifications when order status is changed within POS.

  • For the 'Notify' button to appear after configuring your Guest Statuses, you will need to contact the Dutchie Support Team directly at support@dutchie.com to have this enabled. 

Once Order Integration is enabled, will the Leafly Order Dashboard be disabled?

  • Yes. Once the Order Integration is enabled the Leafly Order Dashboard will be read-only. The dashboard will update appropriately, but will not be actionable.

  • All order actions must be performed within your Dutchie fulfillment dashboard. 

Does Dutchie support a "hold queue" for menu items?

  • Yes. Once an order is placed, menu items will be placed in a "hold queue" and deducted from inventory counts.

  • Upon completion of the transaction, the items on "hold" will be fully deducted from the inventory count.

What are the potential pitfalls to managing orders solely in Dutchie POS?

  • Currently, Retailers will not be able to substitute menu items for customers or be able to distinguish first-time customers until the customer is in-store.

How do I cancel an order?

  • At this time you need to perform all cancellations within the POS by removing all pre-order items from a customer's cart. The Leafly order dashboard will update in the case of Cancellations.

  • In addition, you cannot provide a reason for cancellation and these do not carry through from Dutchie to Leafly. 

  • Reach out to support@dutchie.com if you are unsure how to perform cancellations within your POS.

How do I communicate that an order is filled back to Leafly?

  • Use the 'Notify' button in Dutchie POS to communicate that an order is filled.

  • In order for the 'Notify' button to appear after configuring your Guest Statuses, you will need to contact the Dutchie Support Team directly at support@dutchie.com to have this enabled. 

If a customer includes their personal information with their online order, is it included with the order in Dutchie?

  • Yes. Dutchie currently matches customer profiles on MMJID, email address, f/l name, phone number, in that order.

  • If a match is made on at least one of these identifiers, the profile is attached to the order in Dutchie.

  • If a match is not made, a new profile will be created in Dutchie.

  • In the case of a mismatch or duplicated profile, you will need to manage the customer profiles in your Dutchie POS directly. Contact support@dutchie.com for any assistance needed.

Can I turn the Order Integration off?

  • Yes. You can disable the Dutchie Order Integration at any time in Leafly Biz. You can find the instructions to disable the Order Integration under Toggle On/Toggle Off in this article.

  • Please note: Disabling the Order Integration does not disable Leafly Pickup or Delivery. You can still receive orders if the Order Integration is disabled, and will need to use the Leafly Order Dashboard to update order statuses. If you need to disable online ordering functionality entirely, please refer to the steps outlined in this guide.

Will my Leafly Deal pricing sync to my POS via the order integration?

  • No. At this time, you will need to replicate the deal in your POS and apply it to any applicable items in Leafly-sourced orders once you begin filling them in your POS system.