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Treez Menu Integration Guide

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This guide will walk you through the essential steps to activate your menu integration with your Treez POS


💡 Before you start the integration process, we kindly ask that you take a moment to review the information below: 

💡 To successfully complete your integration sync, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Obtaining Your Treez Credentials
  2. Entering Your Treez Credentials Into Leafly
  3. Activate and Configure your Treez Menu Sync 


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Step One: Treez Setup

1. Obtaining/Requesting your Treez Credentials

Send an email to Treez Support ( or have a Manager reach out via Chat to request your API credentials from Treez. You will be requesting the following identifiers:

  • API Key
  • Dispensary Name

Note: Currently, this integration is exclusive to v2 of Treez. Clients using v1 must first contact their Treez rep to transition to v2.


Step Two: Leafly Setup

1. Accessing the Integration Settings 

  • Open your web browser and sign in to Leafly Biz
  • Navigate to the left side panel, and click on the Settings arrow. A drop-down will appear. Select the Integrations option.


2. Integration Setup 

  • Access the Menu tab once you are in the Integration Settings. 
  • Click on the Connect My POS button 

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  • From the drop-down selection, choose the option: Treez.
  • Select continue to next step to proceed 

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  • Enter your Treez Credentials.
  • Click Test Connection to confirm that the API credentials are valid. You’ll need to enter a valid API Key and Dispensary Name to connect successfully.
    • Your dispensary name will be in lowercase and entered this way. 
  • Once you’ve successfully tested your credentials, click Continue to next step'. 

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  • Click 'acknowledge and accept' to accept the Data Override Warning and complete the sync process on Leafly Biz.

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You will be taken back to the POS Settings page with a success message in the upper right corner and POS Status of Connected. Your POS menu data will now begin to pass to Leafly. 

At all times, you can preview your connection status from your Integrations Page, along with the number of items and last sync period: 


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Step Three: Integration Configuration on Leafly 

Once you have successfully synced your Treez menu with Leafly, you can configure the integration and override menu data in Leafly Biz. These changes will persist in your Leafly menu unless you disconnect and reconnect your POS and resync your POS menu data.

Locate your Menu Manager Settings by checking out this Help Desk article: Where do I locate my menu manager settings and options?

With Treez, you have the following configuration settings in Leafly: 

  1. Default Item Status
  2. Category Mapping
  3. Inventory Availability Rules
  4. Inventory Exclusion Rules
  5. Room Exclusion Rules
  6. Cannabinoid Calculation
  7. Disconnecting your POS


Default Item Status

Automatically set new and restocked items to either active or inactive by default. Items automatically set to an inactive status must be manually set to active before being visible on online menus.

  • Items set to “Active”: these items will show up on all online menus and be set to “Available for Pick-Up/Delivery” if your store participates in any of Leafly’s order ahead programs.
  • Items set to “Inactive”: these items will be hidden from all online menus. They will no longer be “Available for Pick-Up/Delivery” if your store participates in any of Leafly’s order ahead programs.



Category Mapping

Related article: Mapping your categories on Leafly

We currently support the following categories → Accessory, Seeds, Clone, Flower, Edible, PreRoll, Concentrate, Cartridge, Topical, and Other.

If your POS assigned category does not align with a predefined Leafly category, it will be assigned a category of Other by default. You can remap your POS Category to the Leafly category. 




Inventory Availability Rules

Related article: Setting inventory thresholds

You can set inventory thresholds at both the Global and Category levels. If a threshold is defined, items with inventory counts under the thresholds set will be automatically hidden from your online menus. By default, the threshold is set to 1. 

Note: If your POS has the ability for thresholds, those settings will override Leafly. 




Inventory Exclusion Rules

Related article: How do I exclude items from syncing over to my Leafly menu from my point of sale?

You can permanently exclude inventory from appearing on your online menus by product keyword or category.




Room Exclusion

Related article: Including/excluding inventory rooms on Leafly

You can exclude inventory that resides within a POS “ROOM” that you do not wish to be shown on your online menu. 




Cannabinoid Calculation

Related article: Customizing your cannabinoid values on your Leafly menu

You can select which calculation method is applied by default to the THC and CBD values coming from your POS menu on the POS Settings page. More information on the available calculation methods can be found here.




Disconnecting your POS

To learn how to disconnect your point of sale, we advise following the instructions in this article: How do I disconnect my point of sale?



Treez FAQs

For more on the functionality of Treez, please visit: Treez Help Desk 

You can also connect with Treez Support ( or email to reach our Leafly Support Team. 


Which Treez version does this integration support?  

  • Currently, available exclusively to v2 of Treez. Clients using v1 must first contact their Treez rep to transition to v2 to enable the menu sync. 

How often does Treez sync with Leafly? 

  • Leafly pulls updates from Treez every 6-10 minutes. However, any changes can take up to 15 minutes to reflect on your menu. 

  • You can force a sync within your Leafly Integrations Settings page and click the resync now button. 


If I have an existing menu in Leafly, do I need to save it prior to syncing my POS menu?

  • No. Leafly will automatically save a copy of the menu that you maintained before connecting your POS system. If you encounter any issues with the data that is pulled in from your POS, you can quickly revert back by selecting “Disconnect and restore pre-POS connected menu data” when disconnecting the POS and reverting the menu back to its original state.

  • To learn how to disconnect your point of sale, we advise following the instructions in this article: How do I disconnect my point of sale?

Why is Strain Name not coming over? 

  • Treez currently does not expose Strain to Leafly as its own field.

  • Leafly has implemented a mapping tool to pull the Strain Name from the Product Name if recognized. Based on this process, this will not be 100% accurate.

What fields do you pull data from in Treez?

  • You can preview our field mapping below: 

Leafly Field

Treez Field


Item Name

Product Name or Menu Title


Category Type


Categories can be remapped on Leafly. Follow these steps: Category Mapping

Strain Name


 Strain information is inferred from the Product Name.

Brand Name



Compound Data (THC + CBD)

Lab Results

In the absence of cannabinoid data in Lab Results, Treez will default to the Product Details (Total THC/Total CBD) fields and convert to the percent where applicable.


Product Description






Flat Price and Tier Pricing

Leafly does not pull in deal/sale pricing.


Can I manually update the menu item fields in the Leafly Menu? 

Where do you get the Cannabinoid Data from Treez?

  • For cannabinoid data, Treez provides the Lab Results section associated with the batches themselves in Inventory.
  • In the absence of cannabinoid data, Treez will default to the Product Details section and convert to the percent where applicable.

Do products on the menu have sales tax associated?

  • Currently, sales tax is not displayed on the Leafly menu.
  • Clients who are order enabled can use the tax settings feature in the Biz Settings under Payment & Taxes to display tax estimates using tax rates set in your POS system. To learn more about setting these options, please check out this Help Desk article: POS Informed Tax Calculations At Checkout
  • Clients can use our tax feature in the Menu Manager Settings Biz to set sales and excise taxes in checkout. To learn more about setting these options, please check out this Help Desk article: Setting up Tax Estimates for your Leafly Menu